Training Guides

Ben Greenfield – triathlete & 2008 personal trainer of the year

Ben really knows his training tech. And he’s been around for a while as a triathlete and ironman, with a decade of studying, training, racing and coaching pro and amateur endurance athletes. A duathlon is running and cycling without the swimming leg of a triathlon, so his triathlon information provides everything you need to know. A lot of it is cutting-edge information including training plans, nutrition plans and time management so that you don’t spend your whole life training with no time left for family and work.  He offers you instant 24-7 help with training or nutrition questions you have for 9 months, replying to you in person.

You can find out about Ben’s training from his website Here

My Verdict – 14/15

Price – 4/5 Quality – 5/5 Usefulness – 5/5 Total Score – 14/15

If you’re serious about doing well with your running and cycling, I recommend Ben’s Triathlon Dominator Package

OK, running is 2 legs of a Duathlon, and there are several packages out there that cover marathon training and will help you reach peak condition.

Marius Bakken – 2 time Olympic runner

This is good material from a guy who was an Olympian and has since become a trainer (and medical student) and got great results from his students. What’s important to me, is that he provides an online member’s area where you can ask him questions and get access to FAQs posted by other members.  A good book is fine, but it’s stacks more useful to be able to talk to other people currently training themselves; especially an Olympian !

His 100 day marathon plan provides 8 different training schedules and videos that take you step-by-step through them. There are also write-ups and 15 additional videos that cover how to choose training shoes, strength training and more. His website isn’t as flashy as others I’ve seen, but the info and help is really good. You can get to his website Here

My Verdict -12/15

Price – 5/5 Quality – 3/5 Usefulness – 4/5 Total Score – 12/15

The 100 Day Modern Marathon Plan

Jill Bruyere – marathon runner & trainer

Jill’s put together a package called the Marathon Dominator. It covers nutrition/eating, handling injuries and provides a training schedule outline.  The info is provided on a couple of videos and MP3s as well as several eBooks. You can visit Jill’s website Here

My Verdict – 11/15

Price – 3/5 Quality – 4/5 Usefulness – 4/5 Total Score – 11/15

I found a couple of other information products, but they were only books & PDFs, which I don’t find nearly as useful as videos and online-training plans.


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