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How do you optimize your athletic performance in endurance events? I think that if you follow what I identify as the key “optimizers” to enhanced performance in endurance sport that you will be well on your way to your best performance.

Optimizer 1: Engage in Your Pre-Race Routine

The first “optimizer”, “Engage in Your Pre-Race Routine” will provide you with self-efficacy on race day. Your routine gives you comfort, and confidence that you are in control in how you warm-up, and prepare for your race.

Optimizer 2: Race Your Own Race

Be free of thoughts of failure, and do not compare yourself to others. Stick with your own game plan, and build on your strengths.

Optimizer 3: Feel the Energy from Your Performance

If you are participating in a Triathlon, and you love to ride the bicycle, then bask-in how good it feels to ride your bike. Feel the breeze in your face, the rhythm of the spinning perfect circles, and the thrill of the speed on the down-hill.

Optimizer 4: Take Responsibility for Your Performance

I recently participated in a Duathlon, and wore a pair of custom shoes that were a size too small. It was 90 degrees, and my feet swelled. Guess what? I will not make that mistake again. I take full responsibility that I chose the wrong shoes for extremely hot, and humid conditions. Accept the responsibility, and switch to a positive mind-set that minor set-backs will lead you to an even better performance in your next event.

Optimizer 5: Stay in the Present Moment

By staying in the present, you are have full concentration, and focus on the task at hand. If your mind is thinking about the last turn, or obstacle, you may miss the next pot-hole. Use the power of the present to have an intense level of focus.

Optimizer 6: Don’t Let Your Competition Distract You

Don’t let your competition make you feel self-conscious, or nervous. Competition is to help bring out the champion in you on any given day.

Optimizer 7: Turn Mistakes into Opportunities

Make a mistake, learn from it, and turn it into a successful experience that fosters confidence.

Optimizer 8: Persevere

There are few better tests of your perseverance than competing in endurance sports. Champions refuse to let a minor set-back become a major obstacle. Keep your composure, strong mental attitude, and finish the race.

Optimizer 9: Engage in Your Post-Race Routine

Post-race take the time to reflect on the positive aspects of your race performance. Re-fuel, cool-down, and let yourself relax, and unwind.

Optimizer 10: Re-visit Your Performance

A day after your race is the best time to reflect on how your could have improved your race performance. What did you learn? How could you have prepared yourself even better? What positive experiences did you take away from the race experience? And, finally, re-visit how you felt during your race. Were you free of distraction? Full of exhilaration, and excitement. I hope so. Now, go ahead, and sign up for your next event!

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