10K Running Starts With Simple Steps

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Running, Training

Jogging is a sport that many people do all the time and never want to go further than jogging. Others create a space to run races and 10K running is interesting and fun.

When you are thinking about 10K running you will need to concentrate on your running. A beginner will have the starting places while an intermediate or advanced runner will concentrate on proving what they have already built.

You will find that a great idea is to set up 3-4 runs each week so you can get to your 10K running faster. Here are some ways to do it:

The first run
If you have been jogging up until this time and you want to move forward, the best way to do this is to start with short runs. You will start with a warm up then do 30 minutes of running. The best way to do the 30 minutes is to start out with 10 minutes of running and then do a harder pace at 2 minutes. This should be a pace that is a little challenging but not uncomfortable. Next, do 3 minutes of easy running.

This type of program is called interval training and has helped more people who want to do the 10K running prepare for it easily. Repeat the 2 minutes and 3 minutes. If you are attempting to lose a little weight before your competition this will also be effective for that process. Don’t forget to do your cool down.

The second run
Now it’s time to step your running up a notch if you want to move towards 10K running. Start with a warm up and then run for 35-45 minutes. Run normally because this is going to be the run that you use for maintenance. Next you will want to cool down when finished.

This is important to run this for about eight weeks or so in order to get into the habit of running this time. You will need to be able to run it consistently in order to move towards your 10K running.

The third run
Now is the time to move your running up to 60 minutes by five minute increments. What you are building to is to be able to run 60 minutes easily. Your 10K running will depend on your ability to pace yourself within the miles you need. This will also help you build your endurance so that the shorter runs are easier and the longer ones will be attainable.

The fourth run
At this point you want to learn how to pace yourself within the hour. Start out running only in one direction for the first 10 minutes and then turn around and attempt to run a little faster on the way back. What you want to do at this stage is practice speed so the 10K running will be easier.

Once you have these four runs accomplished it’s time to add cross training with activities like bicycling, roller bladeing or strength training. Any of these activities will give you the move towards 10K running that you want.

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